About Us

Who we are

Beyond is a private limited company specialized in genuine and finest quality artefacts hand-crafted by the artisans from different parts of Pakistan. We are all about new yet traditional, detailed and carefully hand-made masterpieces.

There is no high churning factory assembly line behind our products, at the helm of it, is passionate artist whose generations have invested their time and efforts in one specific product (or sometimes one part of the product). Since our products are made with great care and zeal, they make their way straight into people’s hearts and minds.

We are desirous to exhibit diversity and heritage, and authentic products to urban consumers at an affordable price, preserving traditional art.

Why we do what we do

Pakistan, among the most ancient recorded civilizations of the world has fallen behind in representing its culture, unfortunately. Most of our heritage is either limited to specific rural backward areas, has not been recognized as it should have, or simply has not enough attention. Our artisans and craftsmen have generations of refinement in their work.

Beyond is born to bring traditional artefacts of Pakistan in limelight and crediting its original creators/artisans to let people discover the talent through the beautiful hand-crafted products.

We set up this online store with aim to ensure that people living in Pakistan and around the globe have access to modern yet traditional heritage of Pakistan.

What we are trying to achieve

Bringing back our traditional and cultural heritage in mainstream market is what we strive to achieve. We want the artisans to get their due credit and appreciation. We also intend to dedicate a share of our profits for the welfare of Pakistani artisans.